Beach Whale

The indie 2D action game, Beach Whale, is coming to the Apple and Google store on November 26, 2012.

In Beach Whale, players take control of whales, collect fish, fight enemies, and battle against massive bosses. With fish, players can unlock new worlds, buy unique whales, upgrade whales, purchase accessories, and buy trophies to show off to their friends. Every whale has unique statistics in speed, acceleration, and armor. Whales may be individually upgraded and accessorized with items to enhance their appearance.

Beach Whale relies heavily on its innovative wave surfing game mechanic. Players must surf waves to gain speed, allowing them to slide more easily on sand and collect items on the beach. The tilt axis is used to control the whale, directing the whale to go out to sea or into the beach. With this innovative game mechanic, players can easily control their whales without any messy simulated d-pad or joystick.

Although players collect fish and spend fish to unlock goodies and levels, Beach Whale is not just another casual game. At its core, Beach Whale is a 2D retro style action game. With four unique worlds and four different game modes: normal (level), boss, survival, and super boss, Beach Whale offers something new in every level. Levels are littered with bombs, enemies, and destructible obstacles. Boss fights are reminiscent of old school pattern based boss fights. Super Boss fights are very difficulty and require players to recognize cues and patterns to win.

Beach Whale is optimized for both newer HD devices and older devices; retina is supported on both iPad and iPhone. Beach Whale is powered by the Cocos2dx game engine, featuring beautiful environments, quirky animations, silly characters, dazzling particle effects, and a wide variation of cartoonish sound effects. Beach Whale is localized for English, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Russian, Italian, German, and French; Beach Whale is rated for years nine and up.

- Action oriented gameplay
- Beautiful and detailed graphics
- Simple tilt controls that are easy to use and just feel right
- Play as six unique whales
- Upgrade your whales with game changing powers
- Dress up your whales in fancy accessories
- Unlock treasures and awards

For the Press, get videos, screenshots, and more details here:
Beach Whale Press Kit

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