Nov 26

Beach Whale – Now Available!

Play as a whale today!

Beach Whale, the 2D action game is now available for iOS and Android devices. In Beach Whale, the player controls a whale, surfing waves and riding the tide into the beach. Whales may be unlocked and upgraded by spending fish. Beach Whale is rich with gameplay, featuring boss fights and a survival mode. Featuring tilt axis controls, Beach Whale simplifies controls making it intuitive and easy to control.

- Action oriented gameplay
- Beautiful and detailed graphics
- Simple tilt controls that are easy to use and just feel right
- Play as six unique whales
- Upgrade your whales with game changing powers
- Dress up your whales in fancy accessories
- Unlock treasures and awards
- Four worlds, boss fights, and survival mode
- Great music and sound effects

Nov 15

Boss Fights

Beach Whale, the upcoming 2D action game features addicting boss fights against massive sea monsters. Players are pitted against a giant crab, a hungry shark, a massive octopus, and a car-driving turtle with chainsaws. Every boss brings a unique experience to the gamer, forcing the player to learn a bosses attacks and weaknesses. At its core, Beach Whale is an action game, and the boss fight are all about action. When the player defeats a boss, they are awarded a large sum of fish. Every boss fight has a hardcore version, with a heightened difficulty and a larger award.

Massive Octopus
Avoid being squished by its tentacles and counteract the attacks by spitting bombs.
Octopus Boss
Octopus Boss

Angry Shark
Players must outrun this hungry shark, otherwise they’ll end up as shark chum.
Angry Shark

Giant Crab
The giant crab tries to punch the player with its claws and spits nasty tasting green crabs out of its mouth.
Crab Boss

Blade Spinning Turtle
Navigate through the different saw configurations to defeat the turtle.
Turtle Boss
Turtle Boss

Nov 08

Water levels do not have to suck!

As a gamer, I’ve always been amazed at how many games feature horribly frustrating water levels. From Mario to Zelda, game developers have never been bashful when it comes to making players trudge away through water, panicking to get to air when low on oxygen. Even in Echo the dolphin, players have to constantly find air to survive, and they’re playing as a freaking dolphin. Playing as a dolphin should be awesome right? Eat fish, fight off sharks, do flips. Too bad Echo the Dolphin, like many other games, suffers from clunky controls and water mechanics that distract gamers from the fun.

So as an Indie Game Developer creating a game about whales, I needed to ensure my game did not suffer from the same problems as games in the past. So what are these problems exactly? Let’s list them.

  • Water slows you down - This makes me wonder why there is a water level in Sonic the Hedgehog? Seriously…
  • Oh god, need oxygen - In a game with action, bombs, dragons, etc, the last thing the player wants to do is breath air. It’s so fun.
  • Slower paced - Water levels tend to be less action oriented then their land counterparts.
  • Beast mode difficulty - This is largely due to the prior points; changes in movement and adding additional things to monitor can frustrate players whom already become accustomed to the normal gameplay mechanics.

Beach Whale does not suck, well I hope so anyways, but if it does, it’s not because of the problems above. Lets look at some core mechanics implemented into Beach Whale that makes it different from other water levels:

  • Water speeds you up - Players surf waves to gain speed, riding the tide into the beach to collect fish and items.
  • Forget oxygen, it’s a game - Players become a whale in Beach Whale, they don’t need to worry about breathing, just fighting enemies.
  • Action packed - Although the first level is dedicated to learning the core control mechanics, Beach Whale picks up after that with the ability to spit bombs, exploding TNT, bomb dropping birds, and other deadly enemies.
  • Boss Fights - Boss fights are the best part of Beach Whale; these unique sea monster battles feature retro pattern-based attacks reminisce of old school gaming.
  • Scaled Difficulty - Simple, the game starts of easy and gets more difficult towards the end. For every boss fight, there exists a hardcore version with a ramped up difficulty.

I’ve done everything possible to make Beach Whale different from other water levels. Set for release on November 26, 2012, I hope Beach Whale will help break the trend of crappy water levels and help gamers realize that being a whale should be awesome. Forget the water mechanics, and focus on the fun. Here are some screenshots from the iOS / Android game, Beach Whale.

Bombs away

Surf Waves to gain speed

Avoid getting squished by the Octopus Boss

I’d love to hear your thoughts, feedback, and comments below.

Nov 08

Upgrade your whales!

Beach Whale, the 2D action game coming to iOS / Android on November 26, 2012 features upgradable whales. Every whale in beach whale may be upgraded individually. The tongue upgrade is a Yoshi like tongue that can grab items from far away. The tail flap gives your whale a speed boost for the next six seconds. There are a total of five upgrades to be made for each whale.

Check out the new HD screenshots below

Oct 28

HD Trailer – Explore the Sea

Dingle LLC is proud to announce out first HD trailer for Beach Whale:

We’ve officially begun our four week PR plan for Beach Whale. Over the next four weeks we will constantly be releasing more info, screenshots, and trailers on Beach Whale. So stay tuned, much more is to come.

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Oct 25

Beach Whale – Fisherman Wharf

Prepare for fish galore at the Fisherman Wharf in Beach Whale.

The Fisherman Wharf is the key location for collecting fish. With an abundant supply of fish, many creatures and baddies are attracted to the Wharf. Beware fish on hooks, boats, nets, clams, and other devious traps that may cause your whale to become beached.

Avoid being squished by the Giant Octopus and spit bombs to deal damage.

The Fisherman Wharf offers four unique game modes: Normal, Boss, Survival, and Super Boss.
Beach Whale is slated for release on November 26, 2012.
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More Screenshots

Oct 24

Beach Whale – The Rocky Shore

The stunning sunset and environmental obstacles make the Rocky Shore a beautiful, yet challenging level.

Littered with rocks, bombs, and enemies, the Rocky Shore requires the player to navigate through a foreign and hostile terrain. If careless, players can easily get beached on the jagged rocks. Luckily, players may pick up bombs on the beach and blow their way through any obstacles.

Knowing when to run and when to fight will prove to be essential to your survival.

The Rocky Shore offers four unique game modes: Normal, Boss, Survival, and Super Boss.
More Screenshots

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Oct 22

Beach Whale – Meet The Whales

Play as six different whales in Beach Whale. Every whale has unique statistics in top speed, acceleration, and skin armor.

A friendly and easy whale to control. The Beluga is the default whale and is the favorite among many.

Blue Whale
The largest whale with a surprising edge in mobility.

A well balanced whale for beginners. The Humpback is moderately quick and has thick skin, acting as a form of armor.

Fat Dolphin
Although overweight, the Fat Dolphin can adapt to any situation. With a high top speed, good acceleration, and a thin layer of armor, the Fat Dolphin is a common favorite.

The Killer Whale has the highest top speed and quickest acceleration out of all the animals.

Whale Shark
Although the Whale Shark has a low top speed, it’s thick layer of armor makes it ideal for boss fights.

More screenshots of the whales in action…

Like the look of a whale?
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Oct 18

Upcoming – Meet the Whales

Meet the whales in the next post.

Every whale has a unique look and statistics. This makes the whales play differently and some whales are suited for situations better than others.

More details are to come, but this screenshot should keep you going until then.

Beach Whale is slated for release on iOS / Android platforms on November 26, 2012.
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Oct 15

Whales in HD make for an awesome sight

Get ready for HD glory in Beach Whale, the iOS / Android game set for release on November 26, 2012.

Surf waves, collect fish, battle sea monsters, and kick some butt. Whales are king of the sea, play as a whale and feel what it’s like to be king of the sea.

Run run!
Giant Octopus!
Crab Fight
Killer Whale

Beach Whale will be available in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, and Chinese.